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Palestinian Women’s Workshop: Women in Society, Politics and Peacebuilding Working Document

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Despite the active and unique role played by Palestinian women across Palestinian society, particularly at the grassroots level, they are marginalised and under-represented in both politics and public life.
Premised upon inclusive dialogue as an essential basis for identifying a clear and united Palestinian vision, Forward Thinking brought together 13 influential women from across the Palestinian Territories for a workshop on ‘Palestinian Women in Society, Politics and Peacebuilding’ in Maynooth, Ireland, from 28th-30th September 2017. The diverse group represented a range of sectors and backgrounds, including politics, academia, civil society and media. The workshop was unique in bringing together participants from across Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank in a women-only space, with the agenda set by participants themselves. This working paper outlines – as identified by participants – the challenges facing Palestinian women and Palestine more broadly, the mechanisms that could contribute to tangible progress, and immediate next steps.