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Vision and Mission


An independent Palestinian think tank specialized in policies and conflict resolution studies at the local, regional and international levels.

Studying the political and social developments of the Palestinian cause in its local, regional and international contexts, producing policy papers specialized in conflict resolution and related topics. The center provides a free and independent platform for intellectuals, thinkers, politicians, and academics.

  1. To act as a Think Tank to produce regular policy papers and strategies on Palestinian sensitive issues; in addition to conducting research & studies on conflict, peace and development.
  2. To stand as a Research Institute offering a platform for researchers and students to produce and publish academic papers.
  3. To provides practical policy insight and advice for national policymakers.
  • Academic excellence
  • Credibility
  • Scientific research
  • National interests
  • Strategic 
  • Community Development
  • Academic Liberty
  • Critical Thinking

Statement of Purpose: 
Working together with the leading conflict resolution institutes and the reputable peace studies centers around the world. The PCRSC will fill the gap for researchers by introducing a forum that brings together researchers and centers from around the world with Palestinian researchers.
Due to the multi-party formula of Palestinian politics, decision makers in Palestine are in deep need of an academic neutral Think Tank, the PCRSC will provide policy analysis and recommendations irrespective to political affiliation. As a result, the center is committed to fill the research gap in the Palestinian political life.
The Policy & Conflict Resolution Studies Center shall serve the Palestinian national interests by trying to work in harmony with the political decision-making quarters in Palestine.
Academic research in conflict-resolution shall be strengthened by brining together researchers and political strategists from Palestine and the region with the involvement of the leading international conflict resolution institutes.Leading the policy and conflict resolution academic research in Palestine, the center will stand as a platform to serve academics and in particular Palestinian graduate students or researchers in Conflict-Resolution and related fields.

Expected Accomplishments: 
  • The Policy & Conflict Resolution Studies Center is expected to cover Research & Development, the Center shall serve as an academic platform for graduate students who are pursuing their MA programs on Conflict-Resolution, Political Science, International Relations etcetc, The PCRSC is expected to empower those graduates and stand as a platform to publish their papers and research work. 
  • The PCRSC is also expected to serve the academic and research efforts in Palestine and the region by working together with the leading Conflict Resolution institutes around the world. The center is also expected to host researchers for certain joint missions. 
  • The PCRSC is expected to serve the Palestinian political decision-making through serving as a Think Tank and producing regular policy papers and policy advice based on round table discussions and research. 
  • The PCRSC is expected to hold annual conferences inspired by the research or policy recommendations that the center produces over the years. 
  • The PCRSC is expected to provide data, analysis and recommendations, to policymakers, researchers and media (data bank).