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The University Launches Erasmus Project in Dublin, Ireland

Saturday, March 9, 2019

The university launched Erasmus Project, where the Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center has won the Erasmus Project award under the title of ā€œStrengthening National Research Capacity in Policy, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation in cooperation with Palestinian and European universitiesā€.

The first meeting for launching Erasmus project was held in Dublin in cooperation with Hebron and Islamic universities in Gaza, as well as the Friedrich Schiller University of Germany and the Trinity University of Ireland. The delegates discussed the projects and performance indicators for all activities, research and outputs that will emerge from the project.

During their meetings, the participants presented their plans related to the Palestinian universities and plans for cooperation and academic exchange of the project, taking into account the future activities, the time frame, the number of working days and the tasks assigned to the partners.

Also other subjects where discussed such as the contents of the plans related to gaps for conflict resolution studies in Palestinian universities and research centers, plans for international cooperation and dissemination of knowledge were discussed.

The university representatives were Prof. Ayman Yousef chairman of Board of directors and members of the Center Dr. Dalal Erekat, Dr. Iyad Yaqoub, Dr. Nahed Habibullah and Ms. Rola Shahwan, Director of the Center.

In the final session, the partners agreed to submit their final plans and coordinate their efforts periodically and intensively. Hoping that the project will be an added value theoretically and practically for conflict resolution and reconciliation in the Palestinian universities, in alignment with the Center's vision to be a research competent in building national policies to serve the national cause.