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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The president of Arab American University Prof. Ali Zedan AbuZuri handed the Head of Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), Ahmad Assaf a copy of a digital archive containing the sessions of the Palestinian Legislative Council. During the visit of the office of Palestinian Minister, Ahamd Assaf, with the presence of the Director of Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center (PCRSC) based on university campus, Rula Shahwan.

The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center has archived about 200 hours of these sessions that took place on Palestinian grounds since 1996 as part of the Erasmus project, funded by the European Union.

Prof. AbuZuri stressed on the importance of this project that aims to preserve documents containing discussions and meetings organized by the Legislative Council that have been present prior to the establishment of many Palestinian Laws such as charitable bodies, higher education laws, civil service, judiciaries, Palestine Monetary Authority, budgeting and many others. The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center will give students and researchers the opportunity to have a look at the work of the Legislative Law, as well as study the Palestinian democratic experience and the workings of legislatures.

Minister and head of Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, Ahmad Assaf praised this national achievement that will contribute in maintaining the Palestinian national archives.

This project is part of the university’s Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center, which is currently working on establishing a documentation and archival department that collects the most important historical documents and manuscripts. The center also aims to cooperate with a number of Palestinian archival institutions to work on a project for the consolidation of archiving mechanisms and concepts in Palestine.

This cooperation with the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation is based on a mutual agreement between the two parties signed in September 2019 and includes topics such as Audiovisual Archives.