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The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center in AAUP Organizes a Training Course in Germany

Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center in AAUP organized a training course in Conflict Resolution and Internal Reconciliation for students in the Master of Conflict Resolutions and Master of Intercultural Communication. The training course that was funded by the European Union and was entitled “Promoting the National Research Capabilities in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation” took place in Friedrich Schiller University- Germany the European partner in Erasmus project.

Forty-two academics and students participated in the training course that lasted for 6 days in addition to the participation of Palestinian universities who are partner in the project. Participants from Hebron University were from the programs of public diplomacy, law and political sciences, and from the program of regional and international studies from Islamic University- Gaza who participated for the first time physically in the events of the project because of the general circumstances that Gaza is living.

Arab American University was represented by Dr. Nahed Habiballah, Prof. Ayman Yousef and Ms. Rula Shahwan- the Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center Manager.

In the first and second days of the course, the Friedrich Schiller University team presented lectures including a lecture for Professor Martin Leiner- specialized in Conflict Resolution and Religious Studies. His lecture was about the history of division and internal German reconciliation especially after the WWII. On the other hand, Dr. Iyad Dijani’s lecture was about the theoretical concepts of conflict resolution and reconciliation, as he introduced his interacted definitions with the social and humanitarian sciences, in addition to lectures about culture and arts role as part of effective tools in reconciliation between peoples.

The practical training then started for the rest of the days of the course that took place in Berlin, as participants were introduced to the most important historical sites that embodied the history of the internal German conflict between East and West Berlin. Moreover, participants visited Pergamon museum that is considered to be one of the most important museums in the world among UNESCO World Heritage List. The museum contains important treasures dated back to the ancient Greek, Roman and Islamic civilizations, and was connected to the memory studies to know the importance of museums and the historical symbols in the formulation of the narrative and the national identity of communities.

Furthermore, during this visit in Germany, Dr. Nahed Habiballah- a Professor in Social Studies in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in AAUP organized a visit to the exhibition of the Indian artist “Palfi Bawl”, on order to see the pieces in the exhibition that reflect the changes that happened in the world during the COVID pandemic and the challenges that face the humanity in general. In addition, this exhibition introduced the role of art in reflecting the conflict and reconciliation in the world in its different shapes.

This tour in Berlin came as part of the explaining of the theories of conflict resolution and reflecting it on land through the observing and understanding of the different experiences in this same field especially after WWII and how Germany had its reconciliation with its international surroundings. Participants in the training course were able to understand the academic theories of conflict as this trip broadened the understanding of academics and students and opened aspects of analyzing and discussion about the German experience in the internal division and its impact on all cultural, social and political fields, and how to reflect this on the Palestinian situation and case.

This training workshop came in harmony with the vision of the Policy and Conflict Resolution Center that offers scientific and practical knowledge to academics and students from programs of Master in Conflict Resolution and Master in Intercultural Communication, in addition, this training enhances the joint cooperation between the Palestinian universities and the German organizations in the fields of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation.

The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center in AAUP Organizes a Training Course in Germany