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At the End of Its Annual Conference Policies and Conflict Resolution Center (PCRSC) Announce the Conference Concluded a Number of Recommendations Which Must Be Employed to Serve the Palestinian Cause

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center at the Arab American University concluded its 1st annual conference entitled “Where do we go from here? Palestine between the Local, Regional and the Global”.

Over three days, local and international academics, political, and experts participated in the annual conference; the conference came out with a number of recommendations that enhances and enforces Palestinians to deal with the Local, Regional and Global changes.

Part of the conference

The Internal Committee

There was an overall agreement among many speakers and participants in the conference that the internal division and its impact on the economic situation of Gaza negatively affects the Palestinian support from the nations and countries, as it facilitate the passage of deals such as "Deal of the Century"

Recommendation 1: Direct actions for the Reconciliations process and the reunion of all parties and lands regardless of the concessions of both sides.  


Digital Diplomacy and Social Media

Many speakers agreed on the importance of functioning digital diplomacy and social media to serve the Palestinian case, as they have pointed out the poor participation from the Palestinian side in social media in using this tool to publicize their case, and its high affect on the international public opinion, such as posting the photo of the refugee girl at the Mexico borders where she was separated from her family; this photo led President Trump to stop the policy of separating children from their families.

The Palestinian case and its adversity should always reach out to millions of people and to Palestinians overboard through social media and digital diplomacy.

Recommendation 2: Establish a committee that aims to recruit youths to work on functioning social media that serves the Palestinian case, and its followers. Also monitoring the Israeli’s social media, and inform social media management and oppose what it includes of both incitement and terrorism against the Palestinians.


Public Resistance

With the absence of the force balance and to ensures the support of nations for the Palestinian case, many speakers considered the peaceful public resistance one of the best weapons available for the Palestinian people; including the Israeli boycott campaigns locally, international and the 48 Palestinian lands.

Recommendation 3: Support and embrace the peaceful public resistance and engage with international lobbies, and focus on the 1948 Palestinians and the Israeli left.


Public Opinion and its influence on American citizens

Some experts spoke about the Evangelical church influence on President Trump's decisions regarding Palestine, most importantly considering Jerusalem Israel’s capital and transfer the American Embassy to it.

In a recent tweet, the US president admitted that he had been praised by members of the Evangelical Church for moving the embassy more than American Jews did.

Recommendation 4: Encourage the Evangelical Church in Palestine to take an active part in communicating with its US counterpart through conferences, media, and mutual visits to raise awareness about the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian people rights.


International Law

Speakers noted, The Palestinian leadership’s role in using United Nations institutions in serving the Palestinian case, but they fear lack of support in this case due to United States pressure, as US recent withdrawal from the Human Rights Council so that the council condones the Israeli government excesses in human rights.

Recommendation 5: Polarize and enlist Palestinian and international experts in international law to provide support to the process and follow-up of the Palestinian case at international forums.


Palestinian Case and the support of Arab nations

Due to the Arab leadership confusion in some countries and their fear of US pressure, the speakers felt that the Arab peoples should be given more attention and to communicate with them.

Recommendation 6Enhancing communication with Arab peoples through conferences and meetings in different places and involve them in media and moral spirit campaigns to support the Palestinian people.


Legal References

A decline is noticed in the demands of the Palestinian national identity, speakers said it’s important to focus on many useful international legal references, including the partition decision, Jerusalem status as an open city under the UNs administration, or the recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent Palestinian state, since it isn’t addressed enough.

Recommendation 7: To focus the Palestinian political speeches on legal references for the Palestinian case especially the state of Jerusalem.