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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A European Union funded training project entitled “National Efficiency Enhancement in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation” was launched in the University of Granada in Spain. Eight students from (Masters of Conflict Resolution and Masters of Intercultural Communications) of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at AAUP participated in the training course, along with four BA students from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences and the Faculty of Arts from Hebron University.

This training course comes as part of Erasmus project that aims to enhance the research capabilities in the conflict resolution and reconciliation aspects. AAUP was represented by Dr. Ayman Yousef, Dr. Nahid Habiballah and Ms. Roula Shahwan- the Manager of Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center and the Project Manager.  

Whereas, University of Hebron was represented by Dr. Bilal Shobaki- the Head of the Political Sciences Department, Ms. Yousra Hayyan and Ms. Rawan Tahboub. And the German Friedrich-Schiller University was represented by Dr. Iyyad Al Dijani. However, the Islamic University in Gaza could not participate in this training as a result of the occupation blockade.  

Dr. Diago Hidalgo- Professor of the Contemporary History at the University of Granada, gave a lecture about conflict resolutions concepts, by presenting the development process of this sector in the contemporary history. Dr. Hidalgo focused on the methodologies that were used to resolve conflicts in different parts of the world, such as South Africa and Colombia.

The first day of training _that was during the period of Nov.24-30th, 2019_ started with a presentation about AAUP and the Conflict Resolution Center by Dr. Ayman Yousef. Dr. Yousef talked about the main specializations in AAUP and its role in improving education in Palestine.

In addition, Dr. Yousef gave a brief summery about the Conflict Resolution Center and its purposes. He asserted the importance of such collaboration through Erasmus, and the importance of the desired outputs of this training. Dr. Yousef indicated that he hopes for future expert-exchange and for gaining knowledge and skills and building research partnerships.

Ms. Rula Shahwan- the Manager of the Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center and the Project Manager, clarified the main goals of this training project and talked about the main activities that will be done during the project period from 2018 to 2021.

Furthermore, Ms. Shahwan asserted that this project provides 16 of AAUP Conflict Resolutions and Intercultural Communication graduate students the chance for experiencing student exchange and participating in different training programs in both the University of Granada and the German Friedrich-Schiller University. In addition to the participation of another 16 students who represent Islamic University in Gaza and Hebron University. Those training activities enhance the knowledge and research capabilities for the participants.

Dr. Carmen Nafas- the Vice President for the Internationalization Affairs, and the Head of the Language Policies in the University of Granada welcomed the participants, and expressed her happiness about this academic collaboration between her university and the Palestinian universities. Dr. Nafas added that this collaboration is not the first of its kind, and that there were many activities and agreements signed and implemented between the University of Grenada and other universities including the Islamic University and Hebron University. She asserted that the university is open to further ideas and suggestions that enhance future joint collaborations.

The participants expressed their happiness in this fruitful training that gave them the chance to see other experiences in the world, and to learn new skills that improve their academic achievement in both Conflict Resolutions and Intercultural Communication programs. They had the chance to see new cultures and communicate with students from other universities.