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Call for Students "Features of a Palestinian Hero/s?"

Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Conflict Studies Research Center (CSRC) at AAUP would like to announce  an open call for students to design, illustrate, or write a description which characterizes the main attributes of a Palestinian Hero/s. 


A hero is a mythological character who embodies idealized traits that are collectively constructed by a social group. In the Palestinian context, the traits of the Palestinian hero has changed and transformed in time and space however, what they all have in common is a love for the homeland and a quest for national liberation. The Palestine hero of the 1960s was the fidaiye’, while in the 1980s, the Palestine hero materialized as ‘the children of the stones.’ Other representations of a Palestine hero is the refugee, the witness as embodied in Naji Al-Ali’s Handala who is a witness to the atrocities that are inflicted on the Palestinian people.  

This open call aims to provoke students to think of a representation of a Palestine hero/s and the main attributes that such a character uphold.  

Eligibility Criteria

This call is open to all students. We highly encourage all students to apply. 

What kind of creative work is accepted? EVERYTHING!

Illustrations, paintings, creative writing, Architecture and Design, story, video art, or any other form that you see fit to channel your vision.


The submitted material will be judged based on the following elements:

1. Interpretation and clarity of the theme

2. Creativity and originality of the depicted theme

3. Quality of the work

4. Overall impression of the work

Submit a work by February, 1st, 2024 .  

The awards will be announced in a ceremony in March.

Please ensure you provide both a hard copy to the CSRC center and a soft copy via email at csrcataaup.edu () 

(Those who are applying to Jenin campus should send a soft copy to our email as an initial step and will be contacted later to hand in a hard copy of their works in Jenin campus.)


First Prize: $300

Second Prize: $150

Third Prize: $100



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